Discover everything you need to know about Instagram’s Threads app in this comprehensive guide.

What is Instagram Threads?

Threads is a standalone app from Instagram that is designed for close friends. It allows you to share text, photos, and videos with a select group of people, and it also includes features like a disappearing mode and a live location sharing.

How is Threads similar to Twitter?

Threads is similar to Twitter in a few ways. Both platforms allow you to share text, photos, and videos with a select group of people. They also both have a 240-character limit for posts. However, there are also some key differences between Threads and Twitter.

For one, Threads is more focused on close friends. You can only add people to your Threads list if they are already following you on Instagram. This makes Threads a more intimate platform than Twitter, which is open to anyone.

Threads also has a few features that Twitter does not have. For example, Threads includes a disappearing mode, which means that your posts will only be visible to your friends for a set period of time. Threads also has a live location sharing feature, which allows you to share your current location with your friends in real time.

How is Threads different from Twitter?

In addition to the similarities mentioned above, Threads also has some key differences from Twitter. For one, Threads is a standalone app, while Twitter is a web-based platform. This means that you can only use Threads on your phone, while you can use Twitter on your phone, computer, or tablet.

Threads also has a different aesthetic than Twitter. Threads is designed to be more minimalist and user-friendly, while Twitter has a more cluttered and text-heavy interface.

Here are some additional features of Threads:

  • Quick share: You can quickly share photos and videos from your camera roll to Threads.
  • Status updates: You can share your status with your Threads friends, just like you would on Instagram Stories.
  • Live location sharing: You can share your live location with your Threads friends, so they can see where you are in real time.
  • Disappearing mode: You can choose to have your posts disappear after 24 hours, so they won’t be saved in your Threads feed.
  • Notifications: You can choose to receive notifications when your Threads friends post or share their location.

How to get started with Threads:

  • Download the Threads app from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Sign in with your Instagram account.
  • Add your close friends to your Threads list.
  • Start sharing!


Threads is a new and innovative platform that has the potential to change the way that people use social media. It is still too early to say what the impact of Threads will be, but it is definitely worth checking out.



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